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In general, copyright law requires that you have an original, paid for copy of each piece of music that you use for liturgy for each musician using the music. Therefore, you cannot copy music for choir members, but need to ensure there are enough hymnals or octavos for each and every person. Directors, pianists and instrumentalists additionally need to each have an original copy of the music.

To reprint music in worship aids, you must have a current reprint license. You also must include the copyright notice for each piece of music. The most common licenses that you may need are: (includes GIA Music)
LicenSing (includes OCP and New Dawn Music)
World Library Publications (a division of JS Paluch)
Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI; includes contemporary Christian music)

Please note that using a hymnal does not give you the permission to reprint the assembly version of every song in the hymnal. There are OCP songs in GIA hymnals and vice versa. You must have the reprint license of the song you wish to use. Additionally, these licenses require regular reporting of song usage to ensure appropriate royalties are paid to the composers of the songs, and the licenses must be renewed and paid for each year. The cost of each license is based on the number of people who participate in the Sunday liturgies at your parish.

Specific questions on the permissions and restrictions on each reprint license should be directed to the license holder.
There is a two page resource on copyright law that has been prepared by the publishers to assist you in following the legal requirements of copyright law.
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