Youth Ministry Certificate Program

The Office of Youth Ministry and San Juan Diego Ministry Institute have developed this certification program as a response to the need for formation and development of our lay ecclesial ministers that work with adolescents.

Diocesan YM Certificate

This certificate is intended for Youth Ministry Catechists, Youth Ministry Animators and Youth Ministry Leaders.

The Diocesan YM Certificate is an introduction to comprehensive youth ministry. It requires the successful completion of Echoes of Faith and YM101. This course is required to continue to the National YM Certificate and National Certification.

Echoes of Faith can be completed with the San Juan Diego Ministry Institute or through local parishes. If done through a local parish, please submit your certificates for review.

National YM Certificate

This certificate is intended for the Youth Ministry Coordinators.

The National YM Certificate is a collaborative effort of the Office of Youth Ministry, the San Juan Diego Ministry Institute and the Center for Ministry Development. This ministry education program is intended for adults in ministry with youth in both parish and school settings. It equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, practical tools, and techniques needed for creative and comprehensive ministry with youth.

National YM Certification

Certification is a credential you earn by demonstrating compliance with standards for professional competence. To “be certified” is a professional acknowledgement that you have met nationally recognized standards for competence in lay ecclesial ministry.

It is important to note that certification is not the same as receiving a certificate. A certificate is a statement that a program or course of studies has been completed through attendance, participation or fulfillment of requirements.
YM Certificate Brochure
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YM Course Catalog
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